An Agile Workplace: It’s all in the culture! (dZone)

Culture is the most important aspect of agile, to build a great company we need great people and for that culture is the heart of it.In this article we will explore how we can have a great culture and why is it so important.

This is the link to my article published in dZone about culture and agile.


Continuous Integration using Jenkins

Continuous Integration means that whenever a code is checked in it should :
2.)run unit test cases
3.) and create the build artifact.

In a project, many developers work on same files and if you don’t merge them daily or very frequently, chances are that it could become a huge task to merge the changes of each developer at a later stage. Moreover if something breaks it would be a nightmare to find out what went wrong.

By continuously integrating the code and compiling it we make sure that if something breaks it gets highlighted instantly and no new code comes on top of it until it is fixed.
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10 Reasons why you should NOT write unit test cases!

Finaly, here is a blog in support of all those who feel writing unit test cases is a sheer waste of time.. or is it?? Lets see..

Below are few of the reasons:

1.) You are Neo (from The Matrix) , the ‘chosen one’

You can see the code getting executed as green binaries. You feel the code and understand every use case, you are just so rediculously genious that you don’t require any safety net of unit test cases to identify problems; you can see them with your naked eyes!

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Why would Agile fail for you?

This is not yet-another-agile-gaga blog, but a story, some of you might find it interesting as well.

Not A very long time ago and not in a galaxy far,far away, there were two teams.
One team was following Scrum without Agile Mindset and second had an agile mindset.
The ‘A’ team who were following Scrum, failed!! And ended up blaming agile, whereas the second team ‘B’, came out in flying colors and eventually moved to scrum.

Let’s delve into the details to see what exactly happened…
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