Implement single click deployment using Jenkins and DeployIt

Problem statement : Implement single click deployment using Jenkins and DeployIt
Tools used: Jenkins CI Server, DeplyIt Plugin for Jenkins, Github plugin for jenkins, Maven for building artifact.

Detailed use case :
Lets suppose we have our code in github in a public repository and we want that every fix which goes to “deployment” branch should get propagated to a dev environment automatically.

In order to get this set up working we would need to do:
1.) Configure Jenkins with gitHub and deployIt Plugin.
2.) Configure application placeholder and environment (including infrastructure) in which deployment would take place in DeployIt.
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Continuous Integration using Jenkins

Continuous Integration means that whenever a code is checked in it should :
2.)run unit test cases
3.) and create the build artifact.

In a project, many developers work on same files and if you don’t merge them daily or very frequently, chances are that it could become a huge task to merge the changes of each developer at a later stage. Moreover if something breaks it would be a nightmare to find out what went wrong.

By continuously integrating the code and compiling it we make sure that if something breaks it gets highlighted instantly and no new code comes on top of it until it is fixed.
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