Setting up postgres on mac

This is a beginner blog.

1.) Install Postgres server.
Or, if it already installed; we can search (in mac )

Anirudhs-MacBook-Pro:~ anirudh$ mdfind postgres | grep include

2.) First time starting postgres server and initialise the space.
We need to initialise

Anirudhs-MacBook-Pro:bin anirudh$ ./initdb /usr/local/var/postgres -E utf8
The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "anirudh".
This user must also own the server process.

The database cluster will be initialized with locales
  CTYPE:    UTF-8
  TIME:     C
initdb: could not find suitable text search configuration for locale "UTF-8"
The default text search configuration will be set to "simple".

Data page checksums are disabled.

creating directory /usr/local/var/postgres ... ok
creating subdirectories ... ok
selecting default max_connections ... 100
selecting default shared_buffers ... 128MB
creating configuration files ... ok
creating template1 database in /usr/local/var/postgres/base/1 ... ok
initializing pg_authid ... ok
initializing dependencies ... ok
creating system views ... ok
loading system objects' descriptions ... ok
creating collations ... ok
creating conversions ... ok
creating dictionaries ... ok
setting privileges on built-in objects ... ok
creating information schema ... ok
loading PL/pgSQL server-side language ... ok
vacuuming database template1 ... ok
copying template1 to template0 ... ok
copying template1 to postgres ... ok
syncing data to disk ... ok

WARNING: enabling "trust" authentication for local connections
You can change this by editing pg_hba.conf or using the option -A, or
--auth-local and --auth-host, the next time you run initdb.

Success. You can now start the database server using:

    ./postgres -D /usr/local/var/postgres
    ./pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres -l logfile start

3.)Start the server :

 ./postgres -D /usr/local/var/postgres

Documentation on starting postgres :


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